Everybdy Luvs Raymond


2003 Dutch Harness Horse/Arabian Cross 16H Gelding.  Sired by Majesteit and out of a line bred Zodiac Matador Mare.  This handsome guy is bred to trot and will take the English pleasure show ring by storm!

Currently in training with John White Stables for the 2005 National Futurities.  Buy him before he gets there and win the money for yourself!

Majesteit is a Dutch Harness Horse / Tuigpaard Sire.  Majesteit's individual excellence and depth of quality resulted in earning Dutch Harness Horse Approved Breeding Status in 1997.  After advancing through selection inspections, x-rays and semen evaluation, Majesteit was invited to enter the 70 day central test.  Upon satisfying all strict approval requirements, the Central test, judges' comments describe his "beauty, size, long neck, strong hocks, upright carriage and high front end action.  The black pearl's expression, motion and will to perform make him a real show horse!".


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Everybdy Luvs Raymond
Bay Half-Arabian Gelding, March 16 2003, HAHR*1A351509
Majesteit Immigrant WC Harlme Globetrotter WC New Yorker
Putting On Airs
WC Callaways Confetti WC Will Shriver
Excitingly Royal
Henriette Waterman Noran
Torette Hoogheid
Savannah Breeze Matrifik Zodiac Matador *Bask
RO Fanciray
Moniet Sherie Fire Chief
Fancytok *Napitok Pirit
RO Fanciray Rabol

Show Results

  • 2004 Region 10 Championship Top Ten Half Arabian Yearling Sweepstakes Colts/Geldings
  • 2004 WAHA August Show Champion HA/AA Gelding

Contact Info

Deer Haven Arabians
Terri Gellin and Carol Derus, owners
Clintonville, Wisconsin
Terri: (715) 823-2165
Terri cell: (920) 590-1448
E-mail: DHArabians@frontiernet.net
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