Indianne Summer


In Loving Memory
June 21, 1989 - February 24, 2008

Beautiful mare with a well set on long hooky neck, large soft eye, tight tippy ears, great legs and hip!



Indianne Summer
Bay Arabian Mare, June 21 1989, AHR*441801
Fame VF Bey Shah Bay El Bey Bay-Abi
Star of Ofir *Bask
Raffoleta-Rose Raffon Gazon
Leta Rose Gamaar
Gwaresta Brusally Czesta *Czester Comet
*Rifata Faher
Fadjurlene Fadjur Fadhelan
Bint Sahara
Felene Manooki

Show Results

  • 1992 US Nationals Top Ten Arabian Futurity Breeding Filly
  • 1992 Region 3 Championship Top Five Arabian Breeding Mares

Contact Info

Deer Haven Arabians
Terri Gellin and Carol Derus, owners
Clintonville, Wisconsin
Terri: (715) 823-2165
Terri cell: (920) 590-1448
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