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Beautiful Bey Shah/Padrons Psyche bred European style mare with a stunning face and large, soft dark eyes. Not only does she had a beautiful head she has excellent confirmation!

CA and SCID Clear

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Glorious DHA
Glorious DHA (2018)
(x Skyehawkk)

Alessandra DHA
Alessandra DHA (2016)
(x Marwan Al Magnifficoo) - Sold to Jack Milan!

Lennox DHA
Lennox DHA (2015)
(x Andreos AC)

Mikhail DHA (2013)
(x Marvilloso) - Sold to Sharon Gilfillan


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Purebred Grey Arabian Mare, March 3 2003, AHR*623480
HJ Beijing Bey Shah+ Bay El Bey++ Bay-Abi++
Star of Ofir *Bask++
Bint Nejran Nejran Rafgar
Negatiws Gazelle Sir Gazon
Miss Negatiw
Dubravka Padrons Psyche *Padron Patron
Kilika *Tamerlan
WA White Diamonds Perada G Arn-ett Perlane+
Lea Parada Geyma
Comar Chamnazona Gai Champion
Comar Deynazona

Contact Info

Deer Haven Arabians
Terri Gellin and Carol Derus, owners
Clintonville, Wisconsin
Terri: (715) 823-2165
Terri cell: (920) 590-1448
E-mail: DHArabians@frontiernet.net
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